Wanna Keep Up?

I’m sure everyone loves my blog so much they want to know the minute I write a new entry….right?…. well, ok, maybe not, but I’m sure there are plenty other blogs or “feeds” that you would like to keep up with… but you never knew how…right?

Here I am to save the day and tell you how you can do it. There are infinite number of ways to get your feeds but I’ll outline a couple of simple ones for you.

1. FeedReader

FeedReader is a standalone program that you can download to manage your feeds – download here – or go to the FeedReader website to download the program or learn more about it than cover here.

Once you have downloded the program install it and then launch the program.

Unless you actually want them, don’t select any of the options you’re given to subscribe to feeds, just click cancel and move on.

Click on the File menu, and then select New Feed, paste the URL of the feed you want to add and click ok. The URL for the blog feed of this website is http://talhost.net/feed . So long as you have pasted the correct feed address you should get a list of the latest posts. Click on the title of the one you wish to view and it will magically appear in the window on the right. Clicking on the title of an article will give you an unformatted view of the post and double clicking it will show the full webpage in the window and give you an option to open the page in your browser.

You can edit options for each of your feeds to determine how often FeedReader looks for updates, how many articles are archived and so forth.

2. Thunderbird

If you use Thunderbird for email (an ever increasingly popular option and my email program of choice) it has a built in feed reader section. This is very useful if like me, you always have your email program running while working on your computer, because in addition to be notified of new emails, you’ll be notified of new posts on your feed sites as well.

First you need to add a Feed section to your account. Go to the Tools menu then Account Settings. Select the Add Account button and then select the option RSS Feeds & Blogs option. Click Next and name it whatever you like – “My Feeds”, click Next, then Finish.

Next you’ll need to start adding feeds, you should see in you side panel (where your inbox etc is) that you now have a new section named “My Feeds” (or whatever you called it). Click on this and then click on Manage Subscriptions. Click the Add button, then paste the URL of the first feed you want to add. The URL for the blog feed of this website is http://talhost.net/feed and click OK. Continue to add further feeds if you wish and close the box when you’re done – you’ll now see the new feed listed under the “My Feeds” section of Thunderbird. You’re done!

There are many other options available for viewing feeds, if you don’t like either of the options I’ve outlined above, try a google search.