Top 10 Sci-fi Actors

An Australian event organiser mentioned today that they had to cancel an event they were planning but are still trying for a later date because they’re in negotiations with “the best guest from sci-fi we could possibly have” saying if we were to guess, half of us would be correct. So that got me thinking, who ARE the best in sci-fi?

So – here are my favourite Sci-Fi actors (based on their sci-fi roles)

  1. Nathan Fillion – best known as Captain Mal Renolds (Firefly/Serenity)
    I just can’t say enough good things about Firefly/Serenity but Nathan Fillion – as an actor in general – is pretty awesome in my book. He plays funny well, everyone knows that, but he also plays romance and drama and scary stuff really well too, tiny changes in facial expression can totally hook you into believing what the character is going through. Totally underrated & underused by the industry!
  2. Richard Dean Anderson – best known as Jack O’niell (Stargate SG1)
    Only recently become a fan and confess to having never seen an episode of MacGyver – but Jack O’neill is just the best, such a complex character – there’s a lot beneath the surface, like Nathan Fillion, it’s the subtleties in his acting that are convincing. Looking forward to Stargate Continuum.
  3. David Hewlett – best known as Dr McKay (Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1)
    It’s really sad, but apart from the fact I’m not super brilliant, I identify a lot with Rodney. Again. beneath the surface, a complex character and David plays him so well.
  4. Summer Glau – best known as Summer (Firefly/Serenity) & Cameron (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles)
    Summer is really only just getting started in her career and she’s moving along in leaps and bounds, I think she’s capable of more than we’ve seen from her so far and I’m looking foward to it.
  5. Jewel Staite – best known as Kaylee (Firefly/Serenity) & Dr Keller (Stargate Atlantis)
    No doubt I loved Jewel as Kaylee – who couldn’t, but I think she’s showing some awesomeness in her role as Dr Keller in Atlantis – can’t wait to see more.
  6. David Tennant – best known as The Doctor (Doctor Who)
    Funny, cute, cool
  7. Harrison Ford – best known as Han Solo (Star Wars)
    Ok, Harrison Ford is only so far down the list because I didn’t like Star Wars a whole lot (don’t shoot me) but as an actor, he’s most definitely one of the best by far.
  8. Connor Trinneer – best known as “Trip” Tucker (Enterprise) & Michael (Stargate Atlantis)
    I didn’t really feel Enterprise did the whole character development so well in the first two seaons and have only seen a few eps of the rest so never really got to know “Trip” that well, but I thnk that Connor does an excellent job at the complicated character of Michael in Atlantis.
  9. Patrick Stewart – best known as Captain Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
    I like Patrick in Star Trek Next Gen but I’ve liked him in pretty much everything I’ve seen him in, sci-fi or not.
  10. William Shatner – best known as Captain Kirk (Star Trek)
    Hey, no list would be complete without Bill 🙂

I think this list may say as much about about the Sci-Fi shows I enjoy as the actors themselves!

So… who’s your sci-fi favourite?

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