Stay away from Network Solutions – seriously!

Most people working on websites on at least a semi-regular basis will be aware that if you’re thinking about registering a shiny new domain name, you need to be careful not to talk to people about it openly or you risk someone running off and registering it ahead of you – then offering to sell it for lots of money.

I’ve always been careful in this respect, and have heard that there are domain registrars out there that you need to be careful about – some of them will steal domain names right out from under you if you search for one and don’t register it immediately but I’d never heard any specific companies mentioned, until recently.

I decided to put this one to the test myself – I went to Network Solutions and searched for a nice catchy domain “” and then didn’t register it… checked it a short time later I did a whois on the domain and surprise surprise – it’s now registered by Network Solutions.

The moral of the story – steer clear of this particular company at all costs & if you’re thinking about registering a domain? Don’t go searching for it and then waiting till later – you need to go ahead and get it right away unless you don’t mind losing it altogether.