Stargate Universe Update

I reported a couple of months ago about the new Stargate series that’s in the works called Stargate Universe.  It seems that more news is on the horizon with the network expected to make an announcement soon.

With the second SG1 movie Continuum due to be released next month there’s talk of more movies in Stargate’s future.

Unfortunately producing two television shows and an SG-1 movie all at the same time seems out of the question so either something will have to wait, or Universe won’t get started until Atlantis ends and this is aparently what’s holding up the decision by MGM and SCI FI.

I think the permise of the new series is an intriguing one but I don’t want it rushed in at the expense of Atlantis, if they can find a way to do both AND the movies – now THAT would be something!

There’s more news on the GateWorld website.