I finished watching the three seasons of Stargate Atlantis on DVD and really enjoyed it. I’d seen the first two seasons already, but decided to start by watching them again before starting on the 3rd season. I think it was a good move, got me right into all the characters again. I started watching the extras on the DVDs including some of the commentaries, very enjoyable. Finally, SG1 arrived in the mail and I’m working my way through those in a hurry given that I haven’t been well and therefore had plenty time on my hands. While I’m certainly enjoying the episodes, I haven’t developed anything close to the connection to the characters as I have with the Atlantian crew. I know a number of new characters come into it at some stage and maybe that will change the dynamic. I have still had a lot of enjoyment from SG1 though, so no complaints here….well… except about how long I have to wait till the next season of Atlantis comes out on DVD!