The Stratosphere


Tallest building in Las Vegas, the lift goes 21 miles an hour and according to the operator it’s the fastest in the world. The view from up there at night time is amazing…so are (not) the cheesy green-screen photos they encourage you to do when you do the tour.

Star Trek The Experience

Star Trek The Experience

Had a great time at Star Trek the Experience in Las Vegas. My friend Kathy had snagged a 2 for 1 entry ticket but she wasn’t interested in going in herself so I split the cost of a ticket with the next person to come in. I think he thought I was a bit strange but wasn’t going to knock back an offer for 50% off his ticket. It was fun but would have been a blast to have another trekker with me.

Adam Baldwin – Serenity Grenade

Adam Baldwin Serenity Grenade

My friend Holly bought this set prop from the movie serenity – she had had it signed by almost all the cast but was missing Adam Baldwin and Ron Glass who she knew I’d see at this convention so she left it with me to have them sign it for her. Here’s Adam “Let’s be bad guys” Baldwin.