Not Quite Right

EzyDVD produce some nice stuff, I nearly always wait for their exclusive collectors tins for things like Firefly and Stargate and movies I really like. They also produce some pretty cool collectable box sets of Star Trek so when I saw their very nice looking torpedo casing Star Trek movie collection I pre-ordered as soon as it was available. It finally arrived today – to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. Aside from being broken (half of the magnetic lock is unstuck) it looks nothing like the advertised image.

The shape is all wrong, it should be completely rounded at the ends and the whole thing (sides) should have a rounded shape to it – not just the ends.  Plastic isn’t nice and shiny.  Printing is really bad, although the red on black does show up better in the photo than it does IRL.  The edges don’t meet properly (it has an overbite) and the latch is broken.  It’s “supposed” to be a “replica”….. hrmph!

Judge for yourself… as always, click to enlarge.

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