New Stargate Series Announced

There have been murmurs for some time now that the Stargate franchise was about to take the next step. A third series. Some information was leaked to the internet but official Stargate channels were keeping the lid on everything. Today it has been officially announced that there will be a new series.

Chances are that it won’t begin until the current series Atlantis has completed its run. This has me concerned that they’re going to just dump Atlantis at the end of the 5th season just so they can start working on the new one, that really would be a shame. I figure if Star Trek could run two series simultaneously, why not Stargate, but apparently the crew aren’t willing to work the very long hours it would require to run the two side by side, which – from the perspective of someone who’s at times tried to worked way too many hours in a week – I can understand.

The new series, “Stargate Universe”, will be focused around a gate-seed ship that was launched by the Ancients long long ago – an automated ship that was designed to install stargates in distant space, followed by an exploration ship. The 9th chevron will allow the team to reach the exploration ship.

The Ancients never finished th project, but “we” will.

The new series’ creators intend to produce a show that will not only maintain current viewers but also draw new people into the franchise.

  • Also – watch for the new Stargate movie  Stargate: Continuum coming to DVD July 29th – Richard Dean Anderson – Yay!

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  1. Not that I’m aware of – As they’re not planning to start the series until Atlantis ends – it may be some years on the future – unless they change their minds.

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