King George V Federation Oak Tree

I remember a big old oak tree where I lived as a kid, next to an historic mansion just out of town that was used as a “boy’s home” for a while (the mansion not the tree!) anyhow, I remember one day, I must have been about 7 at the time, my brother and sister and mum and I were walking to the scary old concrete swimming pool on the property and we were stopped by a photographer who asked if we’d like to be in a photograph she wanted to take under the oak tree.  On further questioning it was revealed the photo was to be given to the Duke & Dutchess of Kent because his father, King George V had planted the old oak tree back in 1901.  It’s known as the “Federation Oak Tree”.  The most crazy thing about the whole experience is that my family are acutally from (and I was actually born) in Kent!

King George V Federation Oak Tree Planted in 1901