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Vegemite is unique, there’s really nothing quite like it (no, not even marmite or promite *shudders*). The description of what exactly it is is enough to put one off ever trying the stuff, I mean, who would WANT to eat “yeast extract”? The thick almost black paste doesn’t add any visual incentive. So why is it so popular?

Aussie kids are brought up on the stuff – babies enjoy it from a very early age. Apparently, vegemite first became popular during the Depression because it was an affordable way to help families get some of their daily nutritional requirements. Vegemite is full of vitamin B and iron and all kinds of good stuff and when you’re used to it – the taste is great! I even get cravings for it now and then.

The problem with vegemite for people who haven’t grown up on the stuff is that their first experience is usually a devastating one – either at the hands of evil Aussie friends or just through ignorance of how one SHOULD try vegemite for the first time.

Don’t ever try it straight from the jar – it might kill you – or at least you might feel that way, in reality it’s harmless, healthy stuff! And don’t ever think you should add it to your bread the way you would any other spread.

I searched around online for an image to share with someone who’s yet to experience vegemite for the first time but I couldn’t find one suitable, they all showed way too much Vegemite for a beginner so I had to go out and buy a loaf of bread just so I could take my own photo – so here’s my little Vegemite tutorial for you all to enjoy.

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How to Eat Vegemite

Oh…and if you ever have trouble giving your cat pills – try coating it in vegemite – most of them love the stuff!

Vegemite Kitty

…Well you didn’t expect me to eat that last slice of toast did you??

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  1. Hey…does it LOOK like I was force feeding him? 🙂 He LOVES vegemite… though he didn’t make much of a dent in that – aparently – as per my instructions, he doesn’t wanna die either! (I wouldn’t have acutally allowed him to eat too much)

  2. LMAO that’s awesome.. yout tutorial is great!

    And I *never* knew that about cats liking vegemite! But I guess it makes sense.

  3. Tried giving my kitty Vegemite…he must be a bad Aussie…the smell scared him away and he wouldn’t come within five feet of it. Of course, he’s not exactly normal…after all, he likes getting wet and plays fetch.

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