It’s Hot

To say I have an inconvenient sleeping pattern is somewhat an understatement. Every now and then it gets so bad that the only way to try and reset my body-clock to more “normal” sleeping hours is to progressively move my sleeping pattern forward (ie, go to bed later and later) until eventually I stay awake for more than a full day and go to bed at a more normal time – say 10pm.

I decided it was “that” time again recently and two days ago I made it to 11am before giving in and going to sleep – I ended up waking that day around 7pm – and other than dozing off for a few minutes while watching ‘the box’ twice, I haven’t gone to sleep … the plan was to try and stay up about 27 hours, and go to bed 10pm the following day – but that day has now come and gone and it’s 4:47 in the morning and here I am, not having slept for a rather long time and it’s so stinking hot in the house that I can’t sleep!

So, as any sane person would do, I figured I’d put the time to “good” use and set up my own personal spanking new blog where I can blog about totally random stuff that’s not related to any of the other (client & non-client) websites I dabble with .

For now, we have a rather nice looking layout that someone else put in all the work for but I will in time create my own personal look – because…well… you know, I have all this time on my hands… not… did I mention I have a bunch of stuff I’m supposed to be working on for clients?

So, I’ll fill in some blanks… and from time to time I’ll try to remember to add the odd post here to keep you all entertained – or put you to sleep…which sounds good to me right now…..