Done the Impossible

All too often in life, things get overwhelming and everything seems impossible (like stuff I talked about in my previous blog).. sometimes aren’t.

Any regular reader will know I’m a big fan of the cancelled TV series Firefly and big screen movie Serenity – people said it was impossible for anything to be revived after the series was cancelled but through continued support of fans the movie Serenity was born. Firefly fans are passionate to say the least, but they’re also some pretty amazing people. There’s a documentary DVD that goes behind the scenes of the Firefly world and illustrates just how possible it really is to do the impossible!

Done the Impossible DVDI hesitate to call this a “fan” documentary because it’s so much more than you’d expect – a totally professional production so jam packed full of extra material including a bunch of extended interviews with cast members and a fully interactive PC component that lets you do so much more than just watch a documentary. I hesitated to buy this earlier but was very surprised at how good it was when I eventually did get it. If you’re a fan and you haven’t got it yet, trust me when I say it’s time you did.

If you enjoy the music used throughout the DVD you can also buy the soundtrack.