I just bought some chickens….

I purchased them in the names of my nieces & nephew through TEAR Australia – a non profit organisation that created “The World’s Most Useful Gift Catalogue” – where you can buy everything from…well….chickens to toilets! It’s a great idea for buying presents for someone who has everything. You get a gift card to give that person and the donation goes to a help community where they don’t have all the daily stuff we so much take for granted.

The World's Most Useful Gifts?If you feel you’d like to donate something – you can buy a gift for as little as $5 – most of us can spare that much at least – and it does give you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that your chickens will feed people and also provide them with a source of income 🙂

How Does it Work?

TEAR Australia pioneered the idea of useful gifts for people who need them most. The concept is simple.

If you purchase a goat, for example, TEAR will allocate your $50 tax-deductible donation to one of our local partner organisations in Afghanistan (or another of the countries listed).

Our partners are grassroots Christian organisations who work alongside the poor – of many faiths and cultures – in their own communities. They will use your donation to provide a goat for a family taking part in a community development project that incorporates goat breeding.

This means that a goat isn’t just a goat; it’s part of a long-term program that helps people identify new and sustainable ways of supporting their families, and assists them to gain relevant skills and resources. The same project may incorporate a number of different gifts to address a range of problems, such as health care, income generation, education or water management.

(Please note: when programs are run in several countries, costs of items are averaged.)