Painted Cows in Sheparton Vic

Inspired by a friend’s photos from Russia (umm…yeah, so that sounds weird!) here’s a pic I took while in Shepparton (Vic) a couple of years ago. These particular cows were outside the art gallery – or museum… or something.

There are a lot more around the town now than when I was there – definately worth checking out!

A Day in the Park

OK – so today I have a few “Photo of the Day”s but I ended up with a few shots I really like when I went on a photo-taking afternoon with the weather being so nice and autumny – so here they are.

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Seagull Closeup

Seagull Reflection

Red Necked Wallaby

Red Necked Wallaby 2

Gum Tree

Another Gum Tree

Fun Day

Teryl Rothery White Noise the Light

Attended an event today to see Jewel Staite (Firefly/Serenity/Stargate Atlantis) & Teryl Rothery (Stargate SG1/White Noise 2) and this is a photo of the ever so lovely Teryl Rothery signing my White Noise the Light poster – previously signed by Nathan Fillion & Patrick Lussier.