As the Bounty Hunter would say…

… well….. here I am…

A Firefly reference if you’re not sure.

It’s 7am once again and I haven’t been to bed yet. Good news is, I did get some work done today, not enough perhaps, but an improvement.

Bad news of the day is my business website was hacked – thankfully I discovered it only a couple of hours after it happened and during early hours of the morning when few are likely to have come across it. I think I found the security leak and fixed it quick smart but not a fun experience.

I also purchased the entire series of Stargate SG1 and the first three seasons of Stargate Atlantis (plus something else, all for the price it would have normally cost me for SG1 – bargain!)

I’m looking forward to watching those eventually, it’ll be nice to give Star Trek a short break. Even better because I haven’t actually seen SG1 yet, with the exception of the odd episode here and there. Of course, the downside is it means I’ll have to acutally stop what I’m doing and pay attention rather than just have it on in the background… did I say something about getting work done?